Beet Kvass

Beet Kvass! A traditional, fermented beet, probiotic drink. Purifies, detoxifies, aids digestion. Flavored with Star Anise! Ingredients: filtered water, *red beets, himalayan pink salt, *star anise

From: Soup Sorceress

 12 oz. bottle$6.00 Sorry, out of stock.

The only place to get beet kvass flavored with star anise is here! Star anise also helps to improve digestion. Keep refrigerated. If you are receiving delivery, and know you will not be home, make sure to leave a cooler out with ice in it! It is recommended to start with drinking beet kvass 1/4 cup per day, and then you can increase it when you get used to probiotic drinks. Tastes like salty beets. You can also add some to chilled soups, to add flavor and probiotics to your food. Or use it in a cocktail.

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