Thank you for being a part of supporting local, small family farms and businesses.

We get the boxes of Fruits and Vegetables direct from the farms and distribute it to Los Angeles communities. No Packaging, No additional mileage, No sitting in storage or store. Ready for your enjoyment hours from when they were harvested. We take great pleasure in providing you the freshest Local, Sustainable and Organic, Quality available. We're doing our part to help. 

The *Required Deadline for subscribing or canceling your order is Wednesday midnight. If you choose pick up location instead of home delivery, and do not pick up within the pick up time frame, your box will be donated at your expense. Some locations offer more flexibility for pick up, where being late is ok, some don’t, either way we are not responsible after the scheduled pick up time. Deadlines for additions to your BOX will be posted with those specific add ons.

Special Requests

If you have a special request, let Kali know, info@earthmatterz.com. 

Unreturned Box Policy

The fee for unreturned empty boxes is $5. For bags it's $2. Please do not forget to bring back your box to us. There is no upfront fee for a box, and we do not charge if you cancel and you have one more box from the previous week.

Options for Home Delivery not to use boxes.

If you would prefer to leave a cooler outside your door, we will place all your items inside your cooler for you! This works really well for those of you who aren’t home during delivery. Your vegetables will stay fresher when it’s really hot out and you don’t have to worry about returning the box!

Access to Apartment or gate policy;

If you live in an apartment that requires a gate code to get in, please be sure to email info@earthmatterz.com the gate code so that our driver has an easy time getting in. Our drivers don’t have time to wait outside the building until they can get in. If we don’t have a way in, our protocol is: call you from the buzzer or call the manager, if that doesn’t work, we’ll call your phone number that’s listed on your account, if no one answers, we will leave you a message and let you know where your box is. We will do the best we can to hide it somewhere in front of the building, in the shade. We are not responsible if we can’t get in. Thank you for understanding.  

Notes for home deliveries

Please email info@earthmatterz.com with any notes you have pertaining to your delivery so we can provide our drivers with ease of delivery for you.


If you are in a building with very difficult parking, it is helpful if you can provide us with notes on how to deliver your box more efficiently. This is a rare occurrence. If you know delivery may be difficult in your area, please consider allowing us to text you and ask for you to come out to get your box. It is not a requirement, only a suggestion to help our drivers.

Phone Number

When you sign up and enter your telephone number, cell phone numbers are preferred in case we need to text you. You can also note in your account, your preferred method of how you would like us to reach you (call, text, or email) if your credit card expires, or other reasons. 

Missing Veg or fruit

If you ever have a veggie missing from your box, or get something that you feel we should replace the next week, email info@earthmatterz.com


It means a lot to us to support small family farms. Kali speaks to each of them on a regular basis. We wish to relay the information we get from the farm to you, as well as tell the farms what you have to say. Your voice is meaningful, and the farms have listened. They know how much you appreciate them, and are grateful for your support. We hope more people like you will join us in this important decision to support them. Several of the farms we have been working with are now coming up with more varieties to grow, thanks to everyones ongoing support and SavRaw's commitment to them. We have talked to them about what some of our members favorite veggies are, and they are growing them. You are welcome to send your requests to us.

Keeping veggies fresh (http://savraw.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/making-good-food-fast-food/)

Sometimes it’s so hot out that the greens on the farmers markets tables look wilted, and sometimes it can effect our deliveries too if your box is on your porch while you’re not homeThese greens are still absolutely fresh! If you put your greens in a bowl of iced water, they will revive beautifully!!

Support Local, shop local, enjoy local, our communities thrive!

Cooking Support

If you ever have any questions about the veggies or need recipe help, etc, call or email Kali!