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CSA Subscriptions

Soups/ Home Delivery Subscription

Soup Sorceress provides soups made with the highest integrity ingredients. Support small farmers and get your soups delivered.

Mixed Fruits and Veggies / Home Delivery

Organic and sustainable produce from our amazing local farmer friends. We buy directly from small farms making a positive difference.

Fruit Only / Home Delivery

10 Pounds of seasonal fruit from Etheridge Farms - Dinuba, CA

Fruit Only / Pick up

Organic Fruit Selection.. Seasonal, Local & Fresh at a location near you.


1 dozen Eggs ($7.00 )

Our eggs come from Backyard Grown Farm. A small organic farm who raises their chickens with lots of love. They eat organic vegetables, and their feed does not contain soy or wheat.

1 lb. Dried Black Mission Figs ($10.50 )

1 pound Dried, Organic Black Mission Figs

From: SavRaw via Etheridge Farms

Bee Pollen 10oz. LSG Honey ($15.00 )

"Do you have allergies? Do you need an extra boost of B vitamins? Our bee pollen is your answer. Take a tea spoon a day and watch the results unravel before your eyes. You're bound to have an extra kick to your stride." LSG Honey

Borscht Flavor Vegetable Broth ($12.00 )

This borscht flavor broth, uses ingredients of a vegan borscht, and is made with lots of beets. Here's some information on the benefits of beets.

From: Soup Sorceress

Dried Calimyrna Figs 1 lb. ($10.50 )

1 pound of dried calimyrna figs,

From: SavRaw via Etheridge Farms

Fermented Turmeric Magic Sauce, 4 oz. ($9.00 )

Fermented Turmeric, Magic Sauce, is made with certified organic turmeric and black pepper. It's fermented in Mountain Valley Spring Water and Sea Salt from "real salt".

From: Soup Sorceress

Gluten Free Cauliflower Pizza Crust ($12.00 )

Delicious! Vegan, Organic Ingredients, High nutrition, Gluten Free, Nut free Pizza Crust

Herb Bag ($10.00 )

Add an assortment of seasonal herbs to your subscription

Meat Orders ($0.00 )

To order meat, go to the website for Autonomy farms. Choose Savraw under pick up locations when you order. Also place order here, and it will show as $0, that way we'll know to pick up your order.

Orange Blossom Honey 16 oz ($9.00 )

Our Orange Blossom has a sweet hint of a floral aroma that will take your senses on an adventure. From the moment you have a taste of this velvety and luscious honey to the day you complete your bottle of Orange Blossom, you will be tasting this aromatic honey.

Good for: tea, biscuits, croissa

Orange Box, 6 pounds (from $15.00 )

Orange Box Now Available to add to your order. Orange selection changes based on season and is grown certified Organic by Etheridge Farms in Dinuba, CA

From: SavRaw via Etheridge Farms

Oranges, 25 lb box ($43.00 )

25 lb boxes of oranges, variety of oranges will change as the seasons change.

From: SavRaw via Etheridge Farms

Organic Raisins, 1 lb. ($5.50 )

1 pound organic raisins

From: SavRaw via Etheridge Farms

Royal Jelly, 1 oz ($10.00 )

Royal Jelly is the gelatinous substance that is secreted from the head glands of the worker bees. It is the ONLY form of sustenance for the queen bee. While all other bees eat honey throughout their lifespan, the queen bee is the only one worth enough to eat royal jelly for the duration of her life.

Shitake and Lions Mane Mushroom Broth ($17.00 )

A lovely flavored broth, with the high nutritional benefits of mushrooms, and vegetables from our local farms. It has a hint of ginger flavor.

Spice Mix, Birth, 2 oz. ($5.00 )

A spice mix of seeds. Great for soups, broths, or steamed and stir fried veggies or meat.

Tantalizing Spice Mix, 4oz. ($7.00 )

Magic Spice Dust from Soup Sorceress!

From: Soup Sorceress

Topanga Olives ($13.00 )

Topanga Olives! Bringing the flavor of Topanga to your door. Topanga's clean air and magical forest setting, makes for a divine olive experience. As local as can be.

Weekly Soup! Flavor of the week, as ADD ON ($9.00 )

This is for a soup add on. No extra delivery fee, must be added with a soup or veggie box subscription in which you're paying for 1 delivery fee.

Wildflower Honey, LSG Honey ($12.00 )

"Our most versatile honey. Sweet with a subtle earthy undertone. You really can't go wrong with our wildflower.

Good for: local allergies (greater Los Angeles area), glaze or marinade on salmon, face mask (try mixing with powdered cinnamon for some exfoliation)" LSG Honey

5 Haas Avocados ($9.00 )

5 avocados from Pedros Organic Farm, out of season until late December

Beet Kvass ($6.00 )

Beet Kvass! A traditional, fermented beet, probiotic drink. Purifies, detoxifies, aids digestion. Flavored with Star Anise! Ingredients: filtered water, *red beets, himalayan pink salt, *star anise

From: Soup Sorceress

Black Mission Figs, 1 lb. ($8.20 )

(out of season)Black Mission Figs from Etheridge Farms, 1 lb bag

From: SavRaw via Etheridge Farms

Bread, 2 lb loaf ($8.00 )

Organic spelt flour. Organic rye flour. Organic Oat flour. Organic all purpose flour. Sea salt. Water. Sourdough culture.

Dried Hachiya Persimmons (half pound) ($0.00 )

Very special and somewhat rare to find. Etheridge farms provides delicious dried organic hachiya persimmons. It's as exciting as chocolate!

From: SavRaw via Etheridge Farms

Reishi and Nettles Vegetable Broth ($19.00 )

A very nice tasting vegetable broth. Reishi mushroom is said to be good for, reducing inflammation, anxiety, depression. It enhances the immune system, and more. This broth has a nice flavor with the beets and nettles, and the very best water, mountain valley spring water. It feels very soothing.

From: Soup Sorceress

Walnuts in Shell, 1 lb. ($8.00 )

Organic Walnuts in Shells from Etheridge Farm

From: SavRaw via Etheridge Farms